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Beta rebuild of counter-strike [vol.03.3]

- Weapon replacement for 9 weapons
- Proper downported textures
- Rifle, pistol and shotgun shells
- CS:CZ hand rig
- Alternative models and textures
- Sounds replacements (replace default sounds, no custom folders)
- Inspect animations (works only with plugin)
- Muzzleflash sprites
- World models
- VGUI images (for vanilla GUI overlay only)

[AMXX] CS:GO M4A1-S and M4A1
CS:GO Weapon Inspect Plugin
NoSil (hides silencer on models)
CS:GO Arm Switcher*

Steam users: extract in to C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike\cstrike_addons
Non-Steam users**: extract in to C:\Program Files\Counter-Strike\cstrike

- Some world models have consistency error. Before start a game, type in console "mp_concistency 0", or simple don't install problem models.
- Bad scaling on XM1014 VGUI image. Problem in default .res file.

15.04.2018 - First release.
18.04.2018 - Replace edited handmesh, added missed sound file.
22.12.2018 - Repacked in to one pack.

Twinke Masta - models
Darkstorn - models
The Spork - models
Stoke - models
Farendon - models
Kitteh - models
Bullethead - models
Harry - models
Cryomerk - models
Millenia - textures
Strelok - sounds
Ritual Entertainment - hand model
Hidden Path Entertainment - animations
Lynx9810 - animations

No permission to redistribute/sharing on other hostings/use parts and components/commercial

* - can be combined from alternative models folder and regular version
** - for non-steam users, files can be placed in to main folder (cstrike), or in to different folders (cstrike_russian, cstrike_downloads, etc)
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